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NLP Masters - Robbie Steinhouse
NLP Masters - Great Britain

Thursday, September 30th @ 4PM EST / 9PM UK / 6AM AUS

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Robbie is one of Britain’s leading NLP trainers and coaches. He delivers all of the training at NLP School in London and is also on the faculty at NLP University in California. In addition to being an NLP Master Trainer he is also an ICF certified coach and his work ranges from delivering in-house leadership programms to coaching private clients across the world.

Starting in the 1980’s, Robbie built and ran businesses in recruitment, property and insurance. As these grew, he found an ever-increasing need for more than just commercial skills, both for himself and his team.

He also found a bewildering range of psychological and personal development models on offer. The material that he discovered to be (by far) the most useful was NLP, especially when linked to Transactional Analysis, Mindfulness and the Coaching approach. His passion for the human dimension of business led him to give up his executive role and focus on training and coaching in 2002.
“How did I get here? I have been an entrepreneur since leaving university. My focus on NLP originated from my experiences creating and running businesses. As these businesses grew, I found myself struggling and discovered coaching which led me to learn NLP.

In 2002, I stopped playing an executive role in these businesses and started NLP School. I am an NLP Master Trainer and ICF Certified Coach. I am on the faculty of NLP University and teach advanced NLP courses annually in Santa Cruz, California as well as presenting NLP and coach training across the world.

What I believe makes me different from most other NLP trainers is that my expertise in NLP and experience with private clients is useful to teach life coaching. Furthermore, my business experience and coaching are useful to teach executive coaching. I additionally have used coaching within my own businesses and become the lead coaching provider within other organisations. This means I am both a user and supplier of coaching, which I consider has enriched my understanding of how coaching works and where it can go wrong.

I am also a writer. My first book, Think like an Entrepreneur was published in 2008; my second, Brilliant Decision Making, appeared in March 2010, How to Coach with NLP, came out in autumn 2010 and in 2013 my e-book Making Effective Decisions was made available to download. My latest book, published in 2017 is Mindful Business Leadership. My first four books were published by Pearson Education and my last one by Routledge.

NLP is taught in a range of ways. For some trainers, it is a hard-edged way of developing skills for use in the (often highly competitive) workplace. For others it is a gentler exercise in personal and spiritual development. I like to think I understand both aspects and bring them both to my training. I also value humour; like life, personal development is a serious business, but a few laughs along the way make the journey more pleasant and add an important perspective.”

Robbie Steinhouse is the founder of and Head of Training for NLP School in London, UK. He is also a business leader, NLP Master Trainer, coach and published author. Robbie teaches around the world and has acquired a reputation for combining a deep seriousness about personal development with a lively wit and good-humored skepticism about the more outlandish aspects of the industry. His first book, Think Like an Entrepreneur was published by Prentice Hall in 2008. Brilliant Decision Making and How to Coach with NLP followed in 2010. His most recent book, Mindful Business Leadership, was published by Routledge in 2018.

Three rules he can’t live without 1. Know when there is an emergency 2. Cash is king 3. Be truthful to yourself

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