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You are: VISUAL

visual - nlp masters

Visual people: 

• Tend to be organized, well cared for. Because they want to look good. And what does he expect from others? Same thing! 

• Use visualization to remember and make decisions

• Have a rich imagination and find it difficult to express ideas in words 

• Speak faster than most people. Why? Because they have an image in mind, and that image moves and they have to say everything about it in a very short time.

• Prefer personal interactions - to see the person he is talking to and to see his reactions

• He wants to see concepts, ideas or how a certain thing is done.

• They want to see the big picture.

• Sometimes they do not remember what was said and become confused when given many verbal cues. If you can draw them a map or a sketch, they see more clearly what you wanted to communicate to them.

• Remember girls rather than names. • Focus on visual activity rather than noise.