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Peter Freeth

Kerry Nickols

Carelle Herera

Colette Normandeau

Gordon Emmerson

NLP Masters - Peter Freeth
NLP Masters - Great Britain

Peter Freeth is a SNLP Master Trainer, an author, coach and leadership and talent expert who has been working in the coaching and development field for 20 years and has written more than a dozen books on those subjects. He delivers coaching and talent programs to global corporate clients and runs NLP training every year both online and in person around the world.

Find out more about really knowing the Meta Model! Learn how to provoke the client ro respond or how to gather information from the client's structure.

kerry nickols NLP Masters Summit
NLP Masters - Great Britain

Kerry has worked within or for blue-chip global organizations for the last 27 years. She first became aware of NLP while leading a global team; one of her senior leaders asked if she could “model” some of Kerry’s techniques. After digging deeper into modelling theories and discovering NLP, Kerry was hooked. Over the years she completed training in France, India, Turkey, and the UK to become a Master Practitioner and Trainer. In 2016, Kerry founded her company KEPAGA Ltd. KEPAGA offers bespoke leadership training, The Edge Accelerator programme and tools which helps individuals to be at the cutting edge.

carelle herrera NLP Masters Summit
NLP Masters - Philipines

In 1994, Carelle began that dream of inspiring and helping more people. She has come from humble beginnings and grew up with financial difficulties. She has gone through painful struggles and grueling challenges in life, but she embarked on a journey to take charge of her story and redesign her destiny. From then on she knew that she wanted to create an organization that will inspire choice in people.

NLP Masters - Colette Normandeau
NLP Masters - Canada

Colette Normandeau is an international NLP master trainer and certified executive and life NLP coach. She is a Success Factor Modeling™ I, II and III facilitator, Generative consultant, and member of Robert Dilts Leadership Team. Colette has an NLP training school called L’essentiel, in Quebec City, Canada and has trained NLP enthusiasts (practitioners to master trainers) around the world (Morocco, France, USA, Mexico, UK, Finland). She is author of the French book: Ê.T.R.E. enfin soi-même- A guide to self coaching and awakening and co-author with Robert Dilts and his leadership team of Generative consulting – Tools for creativity, consciousness, and collective transformation. Inspired by a vision she had at NLPU in 2016, for the future of NLP and our world, she initiated, in 2017, the first NLP 4th generation co-creation movement in Bali, Indonesia. A movement based on developing Spiritual Intelligence within ourselves, our NLP community and all of humanity.

Gordon Emmerson NLP Masters
NLP Masters - Australia

Gordon Jay Emmerson is an Australian psychologist and author. He is best known for his work in ego-state therapy, and his development of Resource Therapy, a psychodynamic parts theory and therapy that defines parts into 8 pathological conditions and 1 normal condition, with a focus on bringing the pathologized personality parts to the conscious for direct work.

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