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Mark J. Ryan

Toni Everard

Valerie Fischer

James Leong

John Thompson

NLP Masters - Mark J. Ryan
NLP Masters - United States

Mark J. Ryan is one of the most respected leaders in the world of Subliminal video, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Hypnosis. With over 20 years of personal coaching and therapy, Mark delivers dynamic, interactive coaching that helps people get clear about what they want.

With over 20 years of personal coaching and therapy, Mark delivers dynamic, interactive coaching that helps people get clear about what they want. His unparalleled and heart-centered guidance helps his clients create rapid, measurable change in their lives, their businesses, and their plans for the future.

NLP Masters - Toni Everard
NLP Masters - Australia

Toni Everard is a Master Coach, Speaker and Educator who works with coaches, therapists and well being practitioners so they can step up as the go to authority in their field, get paid the money they’re really worth and have the confidence to share their message on a big scale. Toni is an internationally certified Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, NLP Coaching and Ultimate Consciousness.
Your personal identity is the key to who you see yourself as being, what actions you are doing as that person and therefore the results you are having. Be, Do, Have. You need to Be the person who Does the actions to Have the results you want.
Your success in any area of life be it business, relationships, health, wealth or personal self relies on your identity. Your identity being made up of your beliefs, values, attitudes, memories, language, decisions, meta programs - all the filters we recognize in the NLP communication model.

NLP Masters - Valerie Fischer
NLP Masters - Philipines

Valerie Fischer is a Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner with over 20 years of experience in advertising and marketing, and co-founded an e-commerce site for locally made products. This combination gave her a unique process that helps businesses transition and thrive online. In recent months, her Brain Science Selling framework has helped over 3500 online entrepreneurs increase their revenue by as much as 40%. Come and learn from her about NLP and Copywriting.

NLP Masters - James Leong
NLP Masters - Singapore

Dr. James Leong is a Chartered Management Consultant and Master Executive Coach with more than 18 years of Corporate Consulting and Coaching experience.

His Personal Development Journey started in the 90s and he is a long-time student of Dr. Claudio Naranjo, Developer of the Modern-Day Enneagram, since 2010.

If this Pandemic has thrown a curveball at your career, there is one thing you could do to transform your life, and that is to find something you are passionate about and doing it as a career or a business.

NLP Masters - John Thompson
NLP Masters - Great Britain

John Thompson has been teaching NLP for over 18 years

delivering certified NLP programs in Scandinavia, Romania, USA and UK led to working with organisations in Hospitality on the East and West Coast of America.

He worked with the two largest cruise companies in the world as lead consultant designing and delivering their Cultural Values.

Integrating NLP models, patterns and techniques to existing methods used in the business sector is welcomed by leaders and HR professionals.

The Agile Coaching program has been something that organisations find easy to understand and apply whilst learning NLP without the labels.

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Kevin Hogan PhD

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NLP Masters - Bernardo Moya

Bernardo Moya

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NLP Masters - Jamie Smart

Jamie Smart

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