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Kevin Hogan Psy. D.

Yasuhiro Kotera

Bernardo Moya

Varadapa Thidalapat

Terence Jiam

NLP Masters - Kevin Hogan
NLP Masters - United States

Kevin Hogan is one of the best known authors in the field of Personal Development specializing in persuasion, influence and NLP. In this presentation you learn about the different psychological effects that lead our lives and how we can get rid of them.

NLP Masters - Yasuhiro Kotera
NLP Masters - Great Britain

Dr. Yasuhiro Kotera is Academic Lead at the University of Derby, managing four psychotherapy programmes and all the research modules in the healthcare domain for online students. As a Certified NLP Trainer and Accredited Psychotherapist, he has worked with diverse issues of clients internationally (e.g., Japan, USA and UK). He has nearly 100 academic peer-reviewed publications, predominantly focusing on the mental health and cross-culture, published in the world-leading journals in the field. He also serves as an editorial member for those journals, assessing papers.

NLP Masters - Bernardo Moya
NLP Masters - Great Britain

Bernardo Moya is an editor, author, publisher, TV producer, editor-in-chief of The Best You magazine, and CEO of NLP Life Training (the world’s largest Neuro-Linguistic Programming organisation). Bernardo is the founder of the global brand The Best You.

He will explain and share his experience as a global promoter on what it takes now to be different, to stand out.
Hopefully after that, you'll think bigger.

NLP Masters - Vivi Thidalapat
NLP Masters - Thailand

Varadapa Thidalapat is the Founder and President of the Thai NLP Association (The Thai Board of NLP) and consultant to the most stable team of leaders in Young Living Thailand (the best MLM in the world according to Bob Proctor).

In her presentation she will be talking about how all businesses would prefer their customers to be a team member to them and what that means.
In the systemized process, an NLP coach plays a very important role - in leader trainings, making sure the system supports change of mindsets, transforming leaders into inspirational models, and inspiring leaders to inspire. And in doing so there are 5 most important skills to be adopted called the GRICS formular.

NLP Masters - Terence Jiam
NLP Masters - Malaysia

Terence Jiam is certified NLP Trainer & Coach by the American Board of NLP. Terence Jiam has been training and coaching entrepreneurs and businesses for the last 19 years. Using the principles and techniques in NLP, he has transformed his own business and increased his business by 600%. His coaching clients were able to see significant growth in their sales, mostly doubling their revenue between 30-90 days.

"This is a presentation on how I use 2 key questions to get myself out of a highly restricted business situation and achieve more than I originally thought possible. You will learn the steps and how to use those questions for your own growth in business or personal life.
You will break the ceiling of their sales results

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Kevin Hogan PhD

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NLP Masters - Bernardo Moya

Bernardo Moya

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Jamie Smart

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