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Hingdranata Nikolay

Xavier Pirla

Judith Delozier

Mickey A. Feher

Jack Elias

NLP Masters - Hingdranata Nikolay
NLP Masters - Indonesia

Hingdranata Nikolay is the 1st Licensed Master Trainer of NLP in Southeast Asia. He is the pioneer of The Society of NLP's certification in Southeast Asia. For the last 15 years trusted by Indonesia's top companies and organizations in variety of industries as partners in their human capital development and empowerment, such as BCA Bank, Djarum Group, Citibank, OCBC Bank, Bayer, Toyota, etc.

In his presentation Hingdranata Nikolay will tell you step by step how to use VAK Internally to be a more interesting person to talk to, and to increase persuasion.
Learn how to be more attractive and be a more interesting person to talk to at NLP Masters Summit!

NLP Masters - Mickey Feher
NLP Masters - United States

Mickey is a Mindset specialist, helping others to unlock their Purpose and reach their next level. He is a speaker, executive coach and facilitator with 15 years of experience developing people and organizations. He is one of the co-authors of the book Generative Consulting: Tools for creativity, consciousness and collective transformation.

From his presentation you can learn how to align the three levels of Mindset: Meta, Macro and Micro.
Get specific result such as alignment, motivation and energy to achieve the desired goals.
You are the Master of your Mind. Your Mindset will change over time and it should, so be on top of it every day with Mindfulness practice. Your inner game must align with your outer game...

NLP Masters - Jack Elias
NLP Masters - United States

Jack Elias works with Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and is a NLP Trainer.
Jack Elias is the author of Finding True Magic: Transpersonal Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy/NLP and The Outrageous Guide to Being Fully Alive.
For over 34 years, through his private counseling and life coaching practice, Lucid Heart Therapy & Life Coaching, Jack has been helping clients free themselves of limiting beliefs and destructive habitual patterns. He works virtually with an international clientele both individually and in dynamic webinar classes.

Through his school, the Institute for Therapeutic Learning, Jack trains and certifies students as Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP practitioners, teaching his unique synthesis of Eastern and Western healing methods.

NLP Masters - Xavier Pirla
NLP Masters - Spain

With dual engineering degrees, Xavier Pirla brought a very pragmatic approach to behavioural change integrating some of the most advanced tools to build resilience while boosting professional performance.
Francesc Xavier Pirla Llorens is a unique character, a civil engineer passionate about personal development and dedicated to providing a different view of human change technologies.

He has an original blend of pragmatism derived from his studies in civil engineering and his career as a consultant, auditor of management systems combined with a humanistic approach to human beings' incredible possibilities.

NLP Masters - Judith Delozier
NLP Masters - United States

In this presentation you learn about the Genius Strategies from one of the living legends of NLP. Basically, you learn what and how to do so that you can be more brilliant and transform your life as you wish.

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Kevin Hogan PhD

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NLP Masters - Mickey Feher

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Judith Delozier

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NLP Masters - Jamie Smart

Jamie Smart

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