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  • Learn from experts with over 40 years of practice and experience in the field of NLP, personal development, therapy and self-help
  • You get access to experts who, put together, have impacted millions from around the world with their knoweledge and skills
  • You learn NLP techniques to help yourself and/or your clients to heal and achieve new level of excellence and performance
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Eugen Popa - Puterea Minții

NLP Masters Summit

Gearing up for an amazing NLP Summit! We discuss all the administrative aspects, answer questions, reveal surprises and bonuses and special offers from Speakers, partners and organizers.

DAY 1 

NLP Masters - Hingdranata Nikolay
NLP Masters - Indonesia

Hingdranata Nikolay is the 1st Licensed Master Trainer of NLP in Southeast Asia. He is the pioneer of The Society of NLP's certification in Southeast Asia. For the last 15 years trusted by Indonesia's top companies and organizations in variety of industries as partners in their human capital development and empowerment, such as BCA Bank, Djarum Group, Citibank, OCBC Bank, Bayer, Toyota, etc.

In his presentation Hingdranata Nikolay will tell you step by step how to use VAK Internally to be a more interesting person to talk to, and to increase persuasion.
Learn how to be more attractive and be a more interesting person to talk to at NLP Masters Summit!

NLP Masters - Mickey Feher
NLP Masters - United States

Mickey is a Mindset specialist, helping others to unlock their Purpose and reach their next level. He is a speaker, executive coach and facilitator with 15 years of experience developing people and organizations. He is one of the co-authors of the book Generative Consulting: Tools for creativity, consciousness and collective transformation.

From his presentation you can learn how to align the three levels of Mindset: Meta, Macro and Micro.
Get specific result such as alignment, motivation and energy to achieve the desired goals.
You are the Master of your Mind. Your Mindset will change over time and it should, so be on top of it every day with Mindfulness practice. Your inner game must align with your outer game...

NLP Masters - Jack Elias
NLP Masters - United States

Jack Elias works with Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and is a NLP Trainer.
Jack Elias is the author of Finding True Magic: Transpersonal Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy/NLP and The Outrageous Guide to Being Fully Alive.
For over 34 years, through his private counseling and life coaching practice, Lucid Heart Therapy & Life Coaching, Jack has been helping clients free themselves of limiting beliefs and destructive habitual patterns. He works virtually with an international clientele both individually and in dynamic webinar classes.

Through his school, the Institute for Therapeutic Learning, Jack trains and certifies students as Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP practitioners, teaching his unique synthesis of Eastern and Western healing methods.

NLP Masters - Xavier Pirla
NLP Masters - Spain

With dual engineering degrees, Xavier Pirla brought a very pragmatic approach to behavioural change integrating some of the most advanced tools to build resilience while boosting professional performance.
Francesc Xavier Pirla Llorens is a unique character, a civil engineer passionate about personal development and dedicated to providing a different view of human change technologies.

He has an original blend of pragmatism derived from his studies in civil engineering and his career as a consultant, auditor of management systems combined with a humanistic approach to human beings' incredible possibilities.

NLP Masters - Judith Delozier
NLP Masters - United States

In this presentation you learn about the Genius Strategies from one of the living legends of NLP. Basically, you learn what and how to do so that you can be more brilliant and transform your life as you wish.

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DAY 2 - TUESDAY September 28th 2021
- NLP Masters Summit -


Alunika Dobrovolski - Master NLP Trainer - NLP Masters
NLP Masters - Ukraine

Alunika Dobrovolski is psychologist, NLP trainer, speaker, writer, YouTube author, opinion leader for Russian speaking community
I help people win in their inner games, live and think happier and more effective. More than 60 000 people made their life better in different fields. Improved their communication, relationship, lifestyle and health.

Sleight of Mouth is a system of language patterns, devised and described by Robert Dilts. This system will help you to use the magic of words and language with more quality and better results. Getting to know how to use Sleight of mouth will make you a great communicator.
Specific result: Great communication skills.

NLP Masters - Terrence McClendon
NLP Masters - United States

Terrence McClendon was born in the San Francisco Bay Area in California USA.
He spent four years in the United States Marine Corps, serving 13 months in Vietnam as a platoon radio operator. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) degree from The University of California Santa Cruz and then attended Graduate School at The University of Santa Clara California, where he received a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology.

Beginning in 1972 he was associated with the lead developers of NLP in Santa Cruz California and participated in numerous core development workshops for a decade.

NLP Masters - Andy Austin
NLP Masters - Great Britain

Andrew T. Austin is a therapist with a background in Neurosurgery and Clinical Neurology as a registered nurse.
With a busy private practice in West Sussex, England, Andrew has a specialist interest in the “schizophrenias” and has been heavily influenced by the writings of notables such as R.D. Laing and Thomas Szasz.

NLP Masters - Steve G Jones
NLP Masters - United States

NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, is something that just really opens people's worlds, when they finally get control of their brains.
The Eye-Accessing Cues is something that gives us the ability to look at someone during a normal conversation, quote unquote, "normal conversation", because you have to guide it a little bit. But you can watch their eyes during that conversation and get a glimpse into what they are thinking during the conversation based on where they are looking.

NLP Masters - Michael Hall
NLP Masters - United States

Dr. Michael Hall is one of NLP's most internationally renowned speakers and experts. He specializes in modeling, created the Meta State model and laid the foundations of neurosemantics.
Michael Hall will talk about Awareness and Acceptance, two elements of the Meta State that are beginning to restore human control. Discover them too!

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DAY 3 

NLP Masters - Kevin Hogan
NLP Masters - United States

Kevin Hogan is one of the best known authors in the field of Personal Development specializing in persuasion, influence and NLP. In this presentation you learn about the different psychological effects that lead our lives and how we can get rid of them.

NLP Masters - Yasuhiro Kotera
NLP Masters - Great Britain

Dr. Yasuhiro Kotera is Academic Lead at the University of Derby, managing four psychotherapy programmes and all the research modules in the healthcare domain for online students. As a Certified NLP Trainer and Accredited Psychotherapist, he has worked with diverse issues of clients internationally (e.g., Japan, USA and UK). He has nearly 100 academic peer-reviewed publications, predominantly focusing on the mental health and cross-culture, published in the world-leading journals in the field. He also serves as an editorial member for those journals, assessing papers.

NLP Masters - Bernardo Moya
NLP Masters - Great Britain

Bernardo Moya is an editor, author, publisher, TV producer, editor-in-chief of The Best You magazine, and CEO of NLP Life Training (the world’s largest Neuro-Linguistic Programming organisation). Bernardo is the founder of the global brand The Best You.

He will explain and share his experience as a global promoter on what it takes now to be different, to stand out.
Hopefully after that, you'll think bigger.

NLP Masters - Vivi Thidalapat
NLP Masters - Thailand

Varadapa Thidalapat is the Founder and President of the Thai NLP Association (The Thai Board of NLP) and consultant to the most stable team of leaders in Young Living Thailand (the best MLM in the world according to Bob Proctor).

In her presentation she will be talking about how all businesses would prefer their customers to be a team member to them and what that means.
In the systemized process, an NLP coach plays a very important role - in leader trainings, making sure the system supports change of mindsets, transforming leaders into inspirational models, and inspiring leaders to inspire. And in doing so there are 5 most important skills to be adopted called the GRICS formular.

NLP Masters - Terence Jiam
NLP Masters - Malaysia

Terence Jiam is certified NLP Trainer & Coach by the American Board of NLP. Terence Jiam has been training and coaching entrepreneurs and businesses for the last 19 years. Using the principles and techniques in NLP, he has transformed his own business and increased his business by 600%. His coaching clients were able to see significant growth in their sales, mostly doubling their revenue between 30-90 days.

"This is a presentation on how I use 2 key questions to get myself out of a highly restricted business situation and achieve more than I originally thought possible. You will learn the steps and how to use those questions for your own growth in business or personal life.
You will break the ceiling of their sales results

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DAY 4 

NLP Masters - David Murphy Ruiz
NLP Masters - Mexico

David is part of the NLP Leadership Team and the current President of the worldwide Neuro-Semantics Institutes and has helped several international companies to change their culture and become more productive and self-actualized companies, such as: Siemens, Alorica-Amazon, etc.

In this presentation I will provide some powerful distinctions about efficiency in order to become successful.
For example one of the distinctions has to do with the difference between effectiveness and efficiency, and therefore many times we can be effectively inefficient.

Lumi Raz - NLP Masters
NLP Masters - Israel

Lumi Raz is an NLP and Social Panorama trainer from Israel, master trainer in Mindfulness, organizer of Applications in Mental Space Online International Conference April 29-30, 2021, organizer of NLP Online International Conference, June 1-2, 2021, developer of LOOMS online 3-D therapy software https://looms.pro/ , founder of Mental Space Mindfulness, founder of Raz Institute, ambassador for Society for Mental Space Psychology in Israel, ambassador of In-Me in Israel.
Specific result from presentation: Improving social relationships.

Judith Lowe - Master NLP Trainer - NLP Masters
NLP Masters - United States

Judith Lowe has over 30 years of experience in NLP and works and teaches internationally.

In her presentation, Judith Lowe focuses on 5 essential aspects of NLP, which we can use to be good with ourselves in difficult situations.

Some of them are related to how we maintain ourselves in the present, but also how we react when we want to overcome the current situation triumphantly, contributing to the creation of solutions, with a global thinking.

NLP Masters - Robbie Steinhouse
NLP Masters - Great Britain

Robbie is one of Britain’s leading NLP trainers and coaches. He delivers all of the training at NLP School in London and is also on the faculty at NLP University in California. In addition to being an NLP Master Trainer he is also an ICF certified coach and his work ranges from delivering in-house leadership programms to coaching private clients across the world.

NLP Masters - Constantine Kaan Bimplis
NLP Masters Turkey

Constantine trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Greece, Turkey, UK, and the United States. He has trained with such excellent and internationally recognised trainers all over the world, as NLP co-founders Richard Bandler and John Grinder, world renowned NLP Master Trainers Wyatt Woodsmall, Michael Breen, Paul McKenna, Kate Benson and many others. He is an approved trainer of Andrew T. Austin’s IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy).

Introduction to IEMT for NLPers. Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) is a developing area rapid therapeutic change work that explores the area of undesired emotions and our ways of being. The process explores the question, "How did we learn to feel the way that we do?" and opens up the possibility of creating the appropriate change in our emotional lives. Integral Eye Movement Therapy was developed by Andrew T. Austin based on the original work by Connirae and Steve Andreas and has been taught internationally. 

Learn about IEMT and how you can deal with problematic emotions and identity issues using IEMT techniques. This will be an introduction on what can be done with IEMT, it is not possible to teach the techniques in one hour.

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DAY 5 

NLP Masters - Anders Wallin
NLP Masters - Sweden

Anders Wallin is a fulltime hypnotherapist since 2001 and a certified NLP Trainer with numerous trainings and workshops in Sweden since 2007. A three-part presentation on reprogramming of unwanted behaviour patterns with a combination of NLP and hypnosis,.

"I will explain how limiting patterns are stored in the subconscious mind, do a full-scale transformative demo with the audience with ”The Dynamic SWISH Pattern - my style” - an extremely powerful tool for changework and dissect and analyze afterwards my live demonstration on what I have done."

NLP Masters - Camelia Paduraru
NLP Masters - Romania

Master Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy(TM), Hypnosis and Coaching, with a background in Communication, Public Relations, Management and Business Administration.

We see excellent people everywhere. From sports, to arts, business, parenting, therapy or love - some people seem to have it in them, while others struggle. Why is that? Perhaps it's talent. Perhaps it's in their DNA, it's IQ, EQ or some kind of special connection to the divine.
While all of these are legit possibilities, NLP teaches us how to look behind the results people produce to uncover the mechanics, the mindsets, the values and the beliefs enabling them, so we can recreate those results ourselves. Should we choose to, of course. But that requires a totally different mindset. That requires an open mind, an inquisitive attitude.

NLP Masters - Mark McDermott
NLP Masters - Great Britain

Marc  has been working in the field of NLP for 24 years, and lives all things NLP, all day, every day. He is fascinated by the relationship between the structure of language and the structure of consciousness in present-moment experiencing, and the potential for this to enable access to the gateway through to new levels of consciousness.

Marc is fascinated by the relationship between the structure of language and the structure of consciousness in present-moment experiencing, and the potential for this to enable access to the gateway through to new levels of consciousness. There is a specific process for learning HOW to experience changes in yourself and in the World around you. Learn more about it in this talk.

NLP Masters - Mark Andreas
NLP Masters - United States

Mark Andreas is an international trainer of Metaphors of Movement, Core Transformation, Coming to Wholeness, Transforming Yourself, and other personal transformation seminars. Core Transformation takes us on a healing inner journey where our limitations become the doorway to powerful states of being such as “peace” “love” or “oneness” that many people describe as spiritual experiences. In these core states of being, our limitations transform and melt away, and even deeply-entrenched problems often unravel and dissolve.

NLP Masters - Cherry Farrow
NLP Masters - Australia

Motivational Speaker. International best selling author. Master Trainer of NLP (only the 2nd female in Australia with this certification as at 2020), Stage Hypnotist and Master Coach, Cherry Farrow works with individuals* organizations and education institutions to effectively strengthen and elevate their communication, connection and confidence to new heights* so they can make an influential impact on the world.

With over fifteen years of being a corporate suit starting in real estate, progressing to Deputy Chief Executive Officer in Local Government and on amalgamation taking on the management of the entire IT department of the four amalgamated councils. Cherry has invaluable corporate training experience, a unique ability to make meaningful connections with audiences and an insatiable desire for helping others achieve their potential. Cherry knows how to impart information, connect with a crowd and provide training so that people just like you can effectively do the same.

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NLP Masters - Deborah Epelman_
NLP Masters - Brasil

Deborah Epelman is Psychologist formed by UNISA in 1983.
Studies and works with human behavior and development for over 35 years.
It is Founder of Institute PAHC - Brazilian Society of Programming in Self Knowledge and Communication since 1990.
Is NLPU International Authorized User Copyright (Permitted to use NLPU Material) and NLPU International Affiliated Practitioner and Master Practitioner-Certification (Affiliate Representative to NLPU) since 2011.

I will lead the public to question what their Purpose is, whether what they are doing is going for or against that Purpose and how to reorganize themselves

NLP Masters - Lucas Derks
NLP Masters - Netherlands

In 1986 he choose to devote himself exclusively to NLP and related things. Then he co-founded The William James Foundation, that, after a 5-day international conference on subjectivity at the Free University of Amsterdam in 1990, was dissolved in 2006. He published a novel that was awarded in 1992 and another novel in 2009. Lucas wrote about seven psychology books.

The connection between the pragmatic fields of NLP with social psychology has become his mayor activity over the last decades. In 2002 he co-founded the International Laboratory for Mental Space Research and in 2013 the Society for Mental Space Psychology. 2016 he did a PhD on Clinical Experiments in Mental Space and works now on a research project on the treatment of depression in a mental space based manner.

NLP Masters - Lucia Giovannini

Lucia Giovannini is world renowned sensation, former international Italian supermodel – turned transformational speaker and author of 13 books. Lucia is a Doctor in Psychology and Counselling and a Bachelor in Psycho-Anthropology, an international affiliate of the American Psychology Association. Her 25 years of inspiring work through conferences & workshops globally has been inspired by growing up throughout different parts of Italy and Africa, immersed in the beauty and the pain of those unforgettable lands.

Low self-esteem can be a significant contributor to many of life’s challenges… from struggles in relationships and marriages, problems with colleagues or family members, struggles with health and weight, obstacles to promotions or job opportunities, and even financial difficulties.
Find out more at Lucia's presentation in NLP Masters Summit!

NLP Masters - Karl Nielsen
NLP Masters - Germany

Prof. Dr. Karl Nielsen is Co-founder and President of the international associations for NLP (IN), Coaching (ICI), Hypnosis (WHO), Constellation (WSCO), Mindfulness (In-Me), and Positive Psychology (PosPsy) with more than 8.000 members from 90 countries worldwide. Among other things, he is Professor and Dean of the Psychology Faculty: “International School of Psychology''  at Universidad Central de Nicaragua (UCN).
In his presentation he speaks about how you can intensify the success of Mindfulness exercises with NLP. For this we developed NLP intensified Mindfulness trainings.

The founders of NLP intensified the work of Bateson, Perls, Satir, and Erickson by creating easy to follow exercises. In this tradition, I have intensified Mindfulness qualification trainings with success elements from NLP like: SMARTe goals, body language, NLP Meta-Model, New Behavior Generator, NLP Human Development Stages, and the NLP Hero’s Journey.

NLP Masters Deep Trance Identification
NLP Masters - United States

Shawn Carson is a practicing hypnotist and coach in New York City. An NLP and Hypnosis Master Practitioner and Trainer, and award winning author with 15 published books, Shawn combines hypnosis, NLP, Clean Language and unbridled curiosity to his teaching as well as his client work.

Shawn was born in England, and moved to New York City in 1996. Since childhood, he has been fascinated with the Mind. Shawn began to study the application of NLP to sales, consulting and management in 1994.

There are many stories about the origins of NLP, such as the one about a student called Richard Bandler, with a love of psychology and a need for ready cash, who found himself running the recordings of a conference lead by Virginia Satir. Virginia demonstrated her approach to Family Therapy to an appreciative audience, then asked if anyone else would care to come on stage and model what she had done. No one stirred from their seat, except of course our hero Richard Bandler, who stepped forward and perfectly copied Virginia's techniques.

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Aleksandr Gerasimov - Master NLP Trainer - NLP Masters
NLP Masters - Rusia

Alexander Gerasimov is one of the most famous NLPs in Russia, with decades of experience in this field. He is a professional negotiator, producer of Radio NLP, founder of the European Center for NLP.
In his presentation, Aleksandr will reveal how we can change our lives by changing the perspective we have on it.

NLP Masters - Adriana James
NLP Masters - Australia

Adriana James PhD is NLP Master Trainer, Hypnosis Master Trainer, Time Line Therapy® Master Trainer, Author of Values and the Evolution of Consciousness And Time Line Therapy® Made Easy.
Has been the NLP field since 1997 (24 years), certifying close to 400 people a year through the Tad James Company. Numerous Radio and TV appearances, also on the Moving America Forward show with William Shatner.

NLP Masters - Judy Bartkowiak
NLP Masters - Great Britain

Judy Bartkowiak is NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer (trained by Sue Knight) and  Author of Be a happier parent, Understanding children and teens, Empower your kids!, Secrets of the NLP Masters, NLP Workbook, Self-Esteem Workbook and the Engaging NLP Series of workbooks
Recognised expert in the area of working with children and teens
Owner of NLP&EFT Kids; Trainer of the NLP&EFT Kids Practitioner. 

Karpman's Drama Triangle introduces us to roles that are very familiar to anyone who has children - victim, persecutor and rescuer. The positions are roles and can be adopted by situations and conditions as well as people. Our ongoing Covid situation has created many difficult situations for children and teens which can trigger limiting beliefs which results in them occupying the 'victim' position.

This talk will show you how to coach children to empower them rather than fix them, using a full range of techniques that you will already be familiar with and I'll guide you through using them with kids.

NLP Masters - Jamie Smart
NLP Masters - Great Britain

Jamie Smart is the author of the number 1 bestselling books CLARITY & RESULTS, while his books have sold over 80,000 copies. He created one of the first NLP Newsletters with over 90,000 subscribers.

Jamie has trained and mentored many thousands of coaches, therapists & trainers in language skills, transformation skills and business skills, helping them to get clients, grow thriving practices and make a massive difference in their clients' lives.
Whether you’re a coach, trainer, consultant or therapist helping others to make changes, or you’re looking to make changes in your own life, there’s a simple but profound question that’s at the heart of our field:
“What does it take to create the kind of life-altering transformations that make a profound, meaningful, and lasting difference in a person’s life?

NLP Masters Charles Faulkner
NLP Masters - United States

Charles W Faulkner models the knowledge and performance of exceptional individuals, teams and organizations. He does this making practical applications of research in cognitive neuroscience, social science and linguistics. This has led to his development of a number of unique modeling tools and models. He has worked with leaders from the Silicon Valley to the City of London, with Fortune 100 executives, trial attorneys and privately held wealth.

Modeling by means of focused attention and cross-disciplinary application was the beginning of NLP and is a strategy of genius. The trail of techniques and subsequent developments are incredible. And while these used modeling, they are not modeling itself – which is still to be developed, or at least taught, in its own right. Using one of my modeling tools, which I turned into both a game (to accelerate learning) and a change instrument, I will show how a modeling mindset can leas to elaborating distinctions, developing greater awareness, and make new discoveries in models and techniques

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Learn the best NLP techniques and practices from over 20 + Amazing Trainers and NLP Experts

DAY 8 

NLP Masters - Mark J. Ryan
NLP Masters - United States

Mark J. Ryan is one of the most respected leaders in the world of Subliminal video, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Hypnosis. With over 20 years of personal coaching and therapy, Mark delivers dynamic, interactive coaching that helps people get clear about what they want.

With over 20 years of personal coaching and therapy, Mark delivers dynamic, interactive coaching that helps people get clear about what they want. His unparalleled and heart-centered guidance helps his clients create rapid, measurable change in their lives, their businesses, and their plans for the future.

NLP Masters - Toni Everard
NLP Masters - Australia

Toni Everard is a Master Coach, Speaker and Educator who works with coaches, therapists and well being practitioners so they can step up as the go to authority in their field, get paid the money they’re really worth and have the confidence to share their message on a big scale. Toni is an internationally certified Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, NLP Coaching and Ultimate Consciousness.
Your personal identity is the key to who you see yourself as being, what actions you are doing as that person and therefore the results you are having. Be, Do, Have. You need to Be the person who Does the actions to Have the results you want.
Your success in any area of life be it business, relationships, health, wealth or personal self relies on your identity. Your identity being made up of your beliefs, values, attitudes, memories, language, decisions, meta programs - all the filters we recognize in the NLP communication model.

NLP Masters - Valerie Fischer
NLP Masters - Philipines

Valerie Fischer is a Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner with over 20 years of experience in advertising and marketing, and co-founded an e-commerce site for locally made products. This combination gave her a unique process that helps businesses transition and thrive online. In recent months, her Brain Science Selling framework has helped over 3500 online entrepreneurs increase their revenue by as much as 40%. Come and learn from her about NLP and Copywriting.

NLP Masters - James Leong
NLP Masters - Singapore

"Dr James Leong is a Chartered Management Consultant and Master Executive Coach with more than 18 years of Corporate Consulting and Coaching experience.

His Personal Development Journey started in the 90s and he is a long-time student of Dr Claudio Naranjo, Developer of the Modern-Day Enneagram, since 2010.

If this Pandemic has thrown a curveball at your career, there is one thing you could do to transform your life, and that is to find something you are passionate about and doing it as a career or a business.

NLP Masters - John Thompson
NLP Masters - Great Britain

John Thompson has been teaching NLP for over 18 years 

delivering certified NLP programs in Scandinavia, Romania, USA and UK led to working with  organisations in Hospitality on the East and West Coast of America.

He  worked with the two largest cruise companies in the world as lead consultant designing and delivering their Cultural Values. 

Integrating NLP models, patterns and techniques to existing methods used in the business sector is welcomed by leaders and HR professionals. 

The Agile Coaching program has been something that organisations find easy to understand and apply whilst learning NLP without the labels.


NLP Masters - Peter Freeth
NLP Masters - Great Britain

Peter Freeth is a SNLP Master Trainer, an author, coach and leadership and talent expert who has been working in the coaching and development field for 20 years and has written more than a dozen books on those subjects. He delivers coaching and talent programs to global corporate clients and runs NLP training every year both online and in person around the world.

Find out more about really knowing the Meta Model! Learn how to provoke the client ro respond or how to gather information from the client's structure.

NLP Masters - Great Britain

Kerry has worked within or for blue-chip global organizations for the last 27 years. She first became aware of NLP while leading a global team; one of her senior leaders asked if she could “model” some of Kerry’s techniques. After digging deeper into modelling theories and discovering NLP, Kerry was hooked. Over the years she completed training in France, India, Turkey, and the UK to become a Master Practitioner and Trainer. In 2016, Kerry founded her company KEPAGA Ltd. KEPAGA offers bespoke leadership training, The Edge Accelerator programme and tools which helps individuals to be at the cutting edge.

NLP Masters - Philipines

In 1994, Carelle began that dream of inspiring and helping more people. She has come from humble beginnings and grew up with financial difficulties. She has gone through painful struggles and grueling challenges in life, but she embarked on a journey to take charge of her story and redesign her destiny. From then on she knew that she wanted to create an organization that will inspire choice in people.

NLP Masters - Colette Normandeau
NLP Masters - Canada

Colette Normandeau is an international NLP master trainer and certified executive and life NLP coach. She is a Success Factor Modeling™ I, II and III facilitator, Generative consultant, and member of Robert Dilts Leadership Team. Colette has an NLP training school called L’essentiel, in Quebec City, Canada and has trained NLP enthusiasts (practitioners to master trainers) around the world (Morocco, France, USA, Mexico, UK, Finland). She is author of the French book: Ê.T.R.E. enfin soi-même- A guide to self coaching and awakening and co-author with Robert Dilts and his leadership team of Generative consulting – Tools for creativity, consciousness, and collective transformation. Inspired by a vision she had at NLPU in 2016, for the future of NLP and our world, she initiated, in 2017, the first NLP 4th generation co-creation movement in Bali, Indonesia. A movement based on developing Spiritual Intelligence within ourselves, our NLP community and all of humanity.

DAY 10 

NLP Masters - Tamara Andreas
NLP Masters - United States

Tamara Andreas is co-author of the book, Core Transformation: Reaching the Wellspring Within. As an international trainer, she has helped thousands of seminar participants in more than 12 countries benefit from life-changing methods, including Wholeness Work and Core Transformation. She has also developed advanced Core Transformation formats, to meet the needs of a wider range of clients. Her own client-work includes deep levels of transformation, making change easier and more complete. Her latest project is producing an intensive training for Coach Certification, together with Mark Andreas.

NLP Masters - Francois Coetzee
NLP Masters South Africa

Francois Coetzee has spent three decades exploring, understanding and solving unique corporate and personal challenges through innovative solutions using coaching techniques, creative thinking, creative problem solving and technology applications.

He is a trainer of NLP and HNLP, Master Practitioner of NLP, Master Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, NLP/HNLP Coach, ICF-ACC credentialed coach, and a NBI Wholebrain Practitioner.

Finding purpose is a process for curious NLP practitioners to focus on what deeply motivates them and brings meaning to everything they want to accomplish. Having a clear purpose provides a foundation on which they can build their accomplishments and desired outcomes.

In this session, we will focus on what purpose work is and how it can help you learn and grow, extend awareness, and focus on the right things to achieve your ambitions.

NLP Masters - Rex Sikes
NLP Masters - United States

Rex Steven Sikes, has four decades experience helping thousands of people transform their minds and lives. His innovations include Mind Design™ and Directed Questions™.

He is a Master Trainer of NLP & DHE, Whole Brain and Accelerated Learning, the Law of Attraction and is founder of IDEA Seminars. He conducts online programs on transformation, Mind Design™ LOA, NLP and at public events. Sikes is a professional speaker, life and business mentor, consultant, and an educator.

People think to small. People are not broken. It is easy to change. What is commitment? Who modeled who first? Do we need to change beliefs? Can we fix ourselves? What does it mean to be stuck? Who are we? There is no self-improvement! There is no self-sabotage. How come psychology sucks? Can we become free to live life on our terms. :

Life On Your Terms: Create The Life You Want! “... is loaded with powerful insights and ideas that motivate and inspire you to accomplish great things. Get ready to change your life in a wonderful way.” – Brian Tracy Author.

NLP Masters Dr. Kim Redmond
NLP Masters - Canada

Kim Redman works with NLP and Quantum Consciousness. Our community is mostly conscious entrepreneurs who seek to transform the planet by making an impact and transforming lives.
As global leader in Quantum Consciousness and the international founder of the field of Quantum Leadership ™, Dr. Kim world with the core competencies, skill sets and behaviours that allow human potential to expand vertically, bloom, root and grow. 

Eugen Popa
NLP Masters - Romania

Eugen Popa is an International Trainer and Speaker, President of the Romanian Hypnosis Association.
In his presentation, Eugen Popa will talk about how we are the sum of the parts of our being. Sometimes we call them resources, parts, or aspects o ourselves!
This presentation is a crash course on Yagerian Methoda (Formerly known as Subliminal Therapy) and by the end of the presentation you will know how to apply it with your clients or for yourself.

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